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Software development.
Project management.
Off your hands.

From ideation and design, to development and testing, we provide end-to-end software outsourcing when you don’t have the capacity or expertise in-house.

Why choose us

Benefits of software development outsourcing

Tier 1 talent

Assemble a thoroughly vetted team of developers with soft skills, technical expertise in the tech stack of your choice, and experience working across global projects to meet your needs.

Flexible scaling

Kick-off projects fast by expanding or reducing remote team size on-demand. We handle project management, so you can focus on what’s important while staying in full control. 

Easy to integrate

We can seamlessly integrate into any stage of your software project – from design, development, testing, to maintenance & support.

Full transparency

We will be a seamless extension of your team. You get clear, open communication with no loose ends, access to tools, and periodic reports to monitor the progress of your project and its delivery.

Agile sprints

We build solutions using a direct, agile, sprint-based approach. This reduces repetitive work and empowers cross-functional team collaboration to deliver projects on time & budget. Your priorities always win.

Guaranteed quality

Beyond development, we take it seriously to make sure the deployed product is compliant with industry standards for security, performance, dependencies, and more.

How we do it

Our software development process


Team Selection

We pick the right team of experts, with the right expertise, domain knowledge, for seamless integration into your project and culture.


Methodology Planning

We follow sprint planning and agile techniques to streamline and empower the development process.


Architecture Design

We handle architectural evolutions from UI/UX enhancements to decoupling tightly packed features by migrating to microservices or modularizing the existing architecture.


Periodic Reviews

We conduct timely reviews, weekly demos, and stand-ups to ensure complete transparency, proactively address concerns, and promptly identify and resolve bottlenecks.



Using multiple testing technologies and tools that fit your project, we create useful test cases targeting storage issues, memory leaks, and security vulnerabilities.


Project Delivery

Our phased project delivery minimizes iteration, ensuring a seamless and timely deployment as promised.


Common questions about software development outsourcing

What is software development outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing is the process of offloading all or part of your software development to an external party. A skilled team of developers, testers, and designers is assembled based on your needs. Additionally, a dedicated project manager oversees the success of your project and communicates updates to you.

Software development outsourcing allows companies to expedite their technology roadmap by helping them spin up entire teams quickly, tap into specialized talent, and save time on daily management.

Why consider software development outsourcing?

Companies often narrow their focus to salary and hourly rate comparisons when considering software development outsourcing. Some overlooked factors include the time spent on recruitment, potential missed opportunities, project delays, training expenses, employee benefits, and more.

When hiring in high-cost countries, you have to pay higher salaries with better benefit packages. By outsourcing your software development to regions with a lower cost of living not only provides access to a high-quality, pre-vetted talent pool that seamlessly aligns with your culture but also ensures substantial cost savings.

How much does software development outsourcing cost?

Custom software projects costs falls within a broad range, and the biggest factors for software development cost include:

  • Size of project and number of features
  • Complexity
  • Third-party integrations
  • Design complexity
  • Technology stack
  • Developer’s skillset
  • Velocity required
  • Development process

Is using in-house developers better than outsourcing software?

Many companies maintain in-house development teams. But, outsourcing services continue to hold value for several reasons. One-off projects with hard deadlines may not justify the time and permanency of an in-house team, and long-term outsourcing facilitates agile responses to shifting workload demands.

Who will own the intellectual property?

As a client, you will own all the intellectual property of all paid-for work. We provide an NDA to protect confidentiality. All our team members sign a strict contract to protect your IP.

What are the commercial models to engage with Ramped?

We offer 2 flexible commercial models that fit the nature and scope of your project.

  • Fixed Bid: A flat rate with payments made at pre-defined milestones. The project scope and deliverable timelines are clearly set at the start.
  • Time and Material: Billed based on the actual amount of time and effort spent on development.

Thinking of outsourcing your software development? We’ve got you covered.