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Software teams.
Seamlessly integrated.

Remote development teams committed to work full-time on your product. You won’t know where your team ends and ours begins.

Why choose us

Benefits of hiring a dedicated software development team

No recruitment delays

Skip the expensive and time-consuming recruitment process. We will do the selecting, vetting, and assembling the right team of experts in record time.

Access top talent at half of the cost

Hire Silicon Valley-like software engineers for an average of $35/hour, aligned with your working practices, tech stack, development methodologies, and culture.

Reduced operational overheads

Cut down on infrastructure costs or expenses associated with hiring full-time employees, such as office space, equipment, compliance, payroll, benefits, and employees’ retention.

Rapid Development

Speed up development efforts by ramping up or down with ease. Enjoy faster turnaround and deployment, and retain a competitive edge. 

What is a typical structure of a dedicated software development team.

How we do it

How our team vetting process works

Finding developers and freelancers is easy — the real test is knowing if you’ve found people who truly deliver. This is specifically difficult if you don’t have years of experience in vetting and choosing the best developers from a range of technologies. We do.

Inbound applications

We cast a wide net, assessing thousands of inbound applications to identify exceptional candidates among a diverse talent pool.

Customized technical interviews

Candidates undergo a series of online and written tests designed to assess their technical acumen, with a specific focus on evaluating language-specific knowledge, general programming skills, and algorithm proficiency.

Soft skills interview

We screen for professionalism, problem solving, and communication skills with a deep-dive HR interview.

Selection and hiring

We do thorough reference checks with their past clients and employers on your behalf, and make sure your IP is protected through signed NDAs and foolproof legal contracts.


Common questions about dedicated software development teams

What is a dedicated software development team?

A dedicated software development team include individuals with complementary skills who collaborate to deliver software projects from start to finish. Each member in the team has a specific role, which may range from software developers, QA specialists, UX designers, DevOps engineers, to project managers and other specialists as required.

Software development teams operate cohesively with varying levels of management involvement. We work closely with you to assess your requirements, assemble your team, and help you incorporate them quickly and seamlessly into your company.

How much control do I have over my team?

While our dedicated software development teams operate autonomously, you remain in control and responsible for managing and guiding your team. However, with our managed engagement approach, you can gradually reduce your involvement once the team is on board.

How do you ensure smooth team integration and onboarding?

If the client’s team is new to remote collaboration, establishing processes and adopting best practices may take some time. To facilitate a smooth transition into remote work, we initiate team integration by assigning a technical project manager. We work closely with you for a minimum of 2 weeks to develop an efficient remote working model and set up agile processes for a geographically distributed team.

For clients with established tech teams and well-defined processes, we conduct a two-week execution to seamlessly align with your workflow. During this period, our team will invest time in understanding your business goals, identifying your stakeholders and users, and learning about your preferred work methods, code structure, task assignment methods, communication protocols, and stand-up procedures.

What is the cost of hiring a dedicated development team?

The cost of hiring a dedicated development team varies based on your project requirements, required skill set, and developer experience level. By partnering with us, you gain access to top talent without the burden of additional overheads associated with recruiting, onboarding, and infrastructure.

Build your product with the right tech team.